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(Smart Data Quality)
SDQ with systematic enterprise data quality managing process, dedicate on improving the efficiency of enterprise level work with improved data quality and secure of stability
[Smart] Provides DA(Data Architecture) work through standard data(word, term, domain) managing.
[Data] With easy-structure, approachable with anyone, it deals data quality managing process fast and stable.
[Quality] Checking and result analyzing of the quality-checking object when it comes to data quality checking and improving.
Benefits of solution
  • Data quality managing efficiency improving
    By increasing the visibility of data test result, it’s easy to check quality situation. Also, with simple but smart data quality test and report, improve the efficiency of data quality managing work
  • Increased credibility of Data quality
    By creating the schedule, it proceeds regular automated-checking. Continuous quality state checking and improving and securing the credibility of data is possible.
  • Securing the safety of Data managing
    Error estimate data is provided for searching fundamental reason for problem and based on the process, program chase the source program that occurs the problem, which leads to data safety securing of operation system.
Characteristic of SDQ Specifics
Providing the quality specifications after Ministry of Public Administration and Security
  • Provides the quality specifications of Ministry of Public Administration and Security
  • Use standard, structural diagnosis along with value diagnosis
  • Specialized quality-managing standard including possibility of choosing open data
Simple but Smart quality test
  • Simple design focused on data quality testing
  • Convenient functions of data quality checking based on domain
  • User-oriented function with instant UI structure
Fast and Convenient quality checking
  • Securing quality test using multi-thread function
  • Efficient resource using with reservation function
  • Possible parallel processing function of DBMS
OPEN SOURCE S/W based solution
  • Architecture considering expendability and flexibility
  • Supports various platforms


(Smart Metadata)
Combined with B2EN various public data-opening experiences and technical capabilities, SMETA is a solution that unifies and manages metadata across the company. SMETA provides information about data standards, data structures, and the impact of data changes, ensures consistency of data owned by organizations, and provides incredible transparency to data assets, including quality infrastructure and improved data accessibility.
Benefits of solution
  • Reliable standard metadata management
    To guarantee domain consistency of a term by using a classification term. By ensuring consistency of expression through similar and forbidden word management, reliable standard dictionary management is possible. It also ensures data integrity through data quality degradation and impact queries.
  • Systematic DBMS object management
    Enables ongoing validation through corporate DBMS catalog collection and DBMS VS Standard/Model GAP analysis. In addition, DBMS object change history management is useful.
Characteristic of SMETA Specifics
Data standard management
  • Company-wide word, domain, term registration and management
  • domain group management, code lookup
  • Banned word/similar word management, term dictionary registration and management
Data model management
  • Registering and managing subject areas, registering and managing models such as entities and properties
  • ER-Win model concatenation
Managing databases
  • DBMS tables, DBMS index registration and management
  • Automatic creation of DDL and objects
  • System DBMS Gap Analysis and Statistics
Other support tools
  • Metadata Request and Approval Process
  • Standardized support tools, announcements, and integrated search
  • Eclipse Terms Search and Use Tools Plug-in
Customers with Data Solutions
B2EN's data management solutions have been used for quality diagnostics and data standard management in many projects.

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