With infinite creativity and energy, B2EN is an IT service specialized company based on data who leads ICT fusion generation.

General Status

Established in
October 13, 2004
Cho Gwang-won
Number of


People who create a better world with DATA

Vision of B2EN is ‘people create better world with data’. To achieve our vision, Executives and staff members of B2EN would upon the trust of customers, lead the way of spreading technique sharing and continuing sustainable company management through social contributions.

Main values

Challenge and passion toward the world, company creates values with creativity

  • Provide excellent experience fulfills more than expectations
  • Concentrate on the problem of the site, improve continuously by respecting the difference of thinking and the view
  • Value the customer with the top priority, build the trust
  • Trust the value of diligence and striving, obey the right and responsibility on decision -making as an expert
  • Accommodate the change with passionate and positive attitude, and keep adventurous spirit along with open mind
  • Improving the capability and career of employees actively and dedicate on increasing the outcome and productivity of team, company, customer
  • Communicate with the manner of respecting the person
  • Respecting the diversity and uniqueness of people meet form the work place.
  • Do one’s job with maximum capability and Striving stable outcome, dedicate to society