BigData Architecture
Utilizing Big Data on business is the main capacity of company on maintaining competitiveness. B2EN builds Big Data architecture, provide effective guidelines and ways on managing existing information from the view of service management.
  • Set up plans, analyze, mapping out, establish system, on establishing Big Data system.
  • Providing Big Data distributed processing technique
  • Supports techniques for Hadcop and related software
BigData Governance
The purpose of the Big Data Governance is to effectively manage Big Data system starting with establishing Big Data managing policies, rules, strategies and ways leading to high-quality Big Data securing and managing. B2EN enables establishing sustainable Big Data environment with extended Big Data governance.
  • Securing data, standardizing data, purifying data, establishing improved-quality data
  • Establishing standardized Big Data system
  • Maximizing the utilization of data and mining the inside and outside of company data which has values

BigData Analytics & AI
B2EN provides business insight up to customers’ needs through data processing, modeling and visualizing the algorithm of AI on Big Data system environment, the convergence of various data.
  • Supports data analysis service using open-source and common data analysis tools
  • Collecting and processing structured data and semi structured data need for achieving business goal
  • Developing AI data learning model using machine-learning and deep-learning algorithm
  • Providing data analyzed result using various visualization tool

Introducing BigData solution

BigData Management
Information Big Data Management provides comprehended data functions up to high availability data collection and extendibility, enable analysist to acquire data that are needed quickly
Benefits of solution
  • Rapidly providing innovative products and services to the market place
  • Decreased cost of Big Data project
  • Increased opportunity of choosing Hadoop in enterprise field
  • Minimizing the risk for adopting new technology
Data Integration Hub
Data Integration Hub minimizing the recent data delivering comes to the convergence between analyzed system and application, supports each volume, form, waiting time or protocol within single data integration platform, strengthening the business ability by enabling the safe data tracing moving through hub.
Benefits of solution
  • Recent hub based hybrid solution for connecting and processing data from existing systems and cloud Big Data
  • Visibility of overall work-flow, monitoring and noticing
  • Publish / Subscribe data integrated automation for SaaS and applications within companies
  • Data treatment adjustment using Power Center, Informatic Cloud or Big Data Management
  • Self-service and wizard and user interface based on web for increased productivity
Enterprise Data Catalog
Through Enterprise Data Catalog stand based on intrinsic meta-data service engine of Informatica, business analysist and data manager finds every type of data within enterprise and raise understanding of data using with searching among data and data reinforcement
Benefits of solution
  • Searching and categorizing every data within enterprise
  • Searching data assets through strengthened meaning searching
  • Understanding the data through 360-degree relation and Lineage
  • Strengthening data assets through business situation and footnote of cloud sourcing
Informatica Axon
Information Axon is a perfect cloud governance took, utilizing all the functions of Intelligent Data Platform using it to support enterprise data governance solution, providing data governance program possible to gather integrated trustful high-quality data to work-site and IT users.
Benefits of solution
  • Integrating upon Intelligent Data Platform
  • Securing data management and enables deep-understanding of business
  • Enables coopetition work for organization in general
  • For compliance
SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning
SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning provides visual interface that enables every work of data analysis within one data-cycle, supporting mining and machine-learning of data in integrated environment at the same time
Benefits of solution
  • Interactive programming through web-based development environment
  • Spreading available, in-memory analyzing processing
  • Developing model applied with recent machine learning algorithm
  • Searching data, feature engineering, Reducing dimension
  • Analyzing integrated text
  • Evaluating model / Scoring
SAS Visual Analytics
SAS Visual Analytics, with the base of strong visual searching, advanced analysis method, in-memory analyzing technique, is the Big Data Visualizing solution which draw high-degree insight from Big Data.
Benefits of solution
  • Rational decision-making with more people participating
  • Real-time analysis of Big Data connected with Hadoop
  • Efficient reporting through information sharing and co-working
  • Innovative High-Performance In-memory technique
  • Flexible distribution
SAS Visual Statistics
SAS Visual Statistics analyze various comprehended data lively, creating and assessing accurate insight output in interactive ways, which is suitable solution for statistical expert, data scientists, business analysist.
Benefits of solution
  • Sophisticated insight, through live-time analysis
  • Efficient analyzing work on interactive modeling environment
  • Creating and implementing quick and accurate model
  • Innovative in-memory computing technology
SAS Visual Text Analytics
SAS Visual Text Analytics is a text analyzing solution which has the similar text-reading recognition level by using advanced analytics technology for maximizing the business quality from semi structured data.
Benefits of solution
  • Efficient analyzing business process in various language forms
  • New knowledge and information from text data
  • High-quality marketing information gathering through live-time analyzing of social media
  • Understanding the relation between text repository
  • Integration of text-based information and structured data

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