CEO greetings

Hello? I am Jo Gwang-won,
the CEO of ‘People who create a better world with DATA’ B2EN.

B2EN is after the word ‘Begin to End’, created to become a data-oriented IT consulting service company since 2004. B2EN have created joyful world with customers from various field, from public, finance, communication, manufacturing, distribution. B2EN is Korea’s representative firm of data keep developed by leading the service from consulting, constructing, analyzing, solution with the question, “What is the data for this era of intelligence?”

Data, which is the source of infinite objects in 4th industrial revolution and intelligence period, is the main state for the survive and developing. B2EN would promise to become a professional partner on solving problems to become an asset of strategic platform.

B2EN re-created the successful experiences from the world to solution, will continue to provide main solutions for Big Data environment with its higher demand and IoT generation.

As a close partner for digital transformation for providing the best value on customers, B2EN will never stop transforming to make better world where employees and customers are happy. With open management and talent management, “B2EN would never forget the goal from Begin to End and become a company that dwell in minds’ of customers”. Please encourage us and support us. Thank you.

Cho Gwang-won, CEO