Data Consulting


Data Analysis

It is a data consulting services by the top specialists where extracting information up to different problems of customers within unstandardized Big Data environment
  • By utilizing the data analysis which used to be determined by experiences and instinct, improving the efficiency of work.
  • By clearing the Gap of targeting tasks, for improving purpose, dividing the resources of company on solving the problems.
  • Improving the idea of data, data quality and control level mindset through data analyzing experiences.
  • Expecting the Operational Excellence, by improving the data quality and controlling level at the same time within virtuous circulation.
  • Finding the valuable information form broad client company information
  • Providing algorithm and solution form various point of view, that exceed the existing standardized data analysis.

Data Quality Management

Data Quality Management is a systematic management work by collecting, creating, managing the data from DB of institutions and enterprises. By promoting the business of managing the quality of data, we improve the data model, content of data, quality management of data stream based on value chain, credibility of data quality and operating stability. Also, we guarantee the effective quality management through SDQ, which is the data quality management solution of B2EN.
  • Decreased cost of managing and repairing Information System through data quality managing and data improvements
  • Decreased cost of modifying the errors in data
  • Quick confrontation on the requirements for connecting and providing the data
  • Accurate decision making through credibility secured data analysis result.
  • Automated quality management through solutions for Smart Data Quality(SDQ)
  • Data quality certificate (DQC-M, DQC-V), brings up high level in public organizations level evaluations

Data Architecture

Data Principle Data modeling: The main principle to systematically managing and sustaining enterprise data, by providing the guideline, it provides the standard of determining and principles for work.
Data Architecture Matrix: By analyzing the data structure and data stream in a enterprise-wide context, define the type of flow, requirements, physical units and conversion rules.
Data Reference Model: In the context of data stream, by suggesting the standard model of enterprise data, work as a model of reference and reuse in overall Information system, supports interoperability of enterprise data.
Data Governance: It provides the method to sustain and control the enterprise data by defining the process of The principle of managing data, Managing organization and Managing process.
  • It provides the united within the enterprise-wide context about the system’s main data
  • It provides the basic principles and guidelines to manage and sustain enterprise data systematically.
  • In the context of data stream, by suggesting the standard model of enterprise data, work as a model of reference and reuse in overall Information system, supports interoperability of enterprise data.
  • It is flexible to the change of external environment and establishing data architecture for stable Information services.
  • It provides the Data Governance service to sustain and control the enterprise data by defining the process of The principle of managing data, Managing organization and Managing process.

DBMS Performance Tuning

DBMS Performance Tuning is a performance-targeting specialized service which is well-versed in various background (Oracle, SQL, Server Sybase, DB2 and so on) to bring up the optimal performance with optimal resources when using DBMS which process the data. Through performance improving methodology and with skilled specialists, we provide the greatest performance level on super high mass storage working field, fits to users’ IT service.
  • We provide DBMS performance solution that focus on the fundamental problem of DBMS not only about the instant system performance problems.
  • Sustain the optimal DBMS performance with systematic and specialized tuning through DBMS server tuning, DBMS instant tuning, DBMS Object tuning, DBMS SQL tuning.
  • Delivers advanced DBMS technology through various success experiences for sustaining continuous optimal status and flexible expansion.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse defined to be a database that change the data in to common form and controls them that are accumulated on computer integration system database with the purpose of helping users on decision making.
  • Able to manage system with the separation of transection based on the period.
  • Possible decreasing in requests of data production and fast consistent information offering with the construction of DW.
  • Summary, providing analyzed information of every working field for administrative level and decision-making level is possible
  • Supports the construction and plan for business strategy along with fast decision-making process

Data Migration

Data Migration extracts the existing system within current data, move the data to newly-defined data field, which form a business strategy, analyzing data, certifying the mapping, conducting the cleansing, provide the safe and accurate data after data processing methodology and process. B2EN with the experience of SI project, which was one of the biggest domestic project, constructed and developed successful data processing methodology and provided differentiated service targeting on data quality improvement though data implantation.
  • Improvement of efficiency through accurate background analysis along with minimized down-time through schedule and major Rick management, which brings the maximum contentment of the customer.
  • For successful data implementation, we extract, deliver, accumulate data up to data structure and stream defined in To-Be, and brings data quality improvement through data purifying.
  • By eliminating the problems that could cause performance problem and obstacles and by providing the best quality collected know-how problem solving methodology, we guarantee of providing the optimal quality.


While demands of users are increasing due to the drastic change of working field and IT technology, outer-connection and strengthening of security requires bigger demands on enterprises’ Information technology infrastructure and systematic management. B2EN provides technical architecture consulting service for establishing Information technology architecture for standardizing the Information technology dividing system.
  • It enables the favorable infrastructure through system down-sizing and architecture design technology.
  • By catching the problems that can cause on establishing the system, establish the perfectly safe technical architecture.
  • By establishing the technical architecture applicable with new technologies, make it flexible to adapt on process changes.


BPR(Business Process Reengineering), with the main goal of giving competitive advantage of enterprises, is the process redesigning process of upgrading the cost, quality, and service of the core part. ISP(Information Strategy Planning) is an activity of setting the promotion strategy between business model along with the process and informational systems.
BPR/ISP are to establish the favorable plan and schedules up to enterprises’ information strategies with the backwound enterprise status and information status.
  • Decreasing the response time of customers and increasing the working productivity through reconsidering customer service and working performance level.
  • High-quality, low-cost, high-efficiency process that establishing and improving customer-oriented process service.
  • Suggests information system strategy for establishing high-quality information system form.
  • Suggests strategies and ways to effectively performing customer’s business models

System Integration

System Integration provides the service from plans for information system needed for enterprises to plans for development, establishing and managing. With the experience of information data consulting on business fields, provide differentiated service integration orienting ‘Data’ which is the main property of enterprises.
  • Establish safe and flexible informational architecture through analysis and establishment of enterprise’s main data
  • Suggests the Tuning of SQL, which is the major part of Application performance and SQL standard guide considering the characteristic of enterprises, which enable high-quality system integration
  • Suggests standard data to enable the management of data with the same meaning
  • Provide quality managing environment for managing, improving and checking the quality of data and establishing the data managing process.
  • Data implementation suggest the strategic rules and groups that can include the rules and fixing tools to use the program continuously not use it for one-time, provide total service that can reach the minimum shutdown and maximum data quality.


It is a DB total consulting service that guarantees the stable usage in customers’ database by combining the knowledge of B2EN’s Best Practices.
To guarantee the proper management of customer implementing system, DQMAC provide DQ, DA, EDW, DB quality improvement, education services. Especially DQMAC requirements for DB performance improving is increasing which shows the effectiveness of the DB’s ‘Doctor’ role with anytime order consulting service with DB’s enterprise skills.
  • Securing IT innovative capability by removing the potential risks which lead to decreased cost of IT infrastructure.
  • Constant decreased cost using DQMAC and stably sharing the technology.
  • Decreasing the demand of enlarging the resources and opportunity cost for investment with DQMAC with ordinary quality verification and role of supervision.

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