Data Education

Data Education

On-site education service with long experiences and know-how
For the advanced information service and data managing implementation, the knowledge and expertise of IT field is essential, it requires systematic education and one’s passion on the field. B2EN with long timed experiences and know-how in the field, through specified consulting on domestic leading companies and public organizations, provide value-oriented education service that can dedicate on creation of outcome in overall business field.
Strong points
  • Intuition of Best consultants
    Education service of B2EN is done by data and DB expert consultants with long-time experiences in field
  • Field-oriented education with examples and practices
    Based on the know-how accumulated with data consulting, we provide field-oriented curriculum and practice majoring education through study of expert specialists
  • Individual-oriented education up to customers
    B2EN provide on-site education service only for each company, provide individual-oriented education up to each knowledge level, enterprise goal, working field of education giver and receiver, maximizing the education effect with feedback.
Major education service
  • Oracle performance upgrading principles and solution process
    We systematically educate the possibly adaptable standard solution along with architecture principles for establishing high-performance application in high-capacity database
  • Data modeling process with specialists
    Data modeling fundamental principles and approaching method and techniques for better data model designing would be conveyed. Apply on the site, educate customers to possibly design goal-oriented data model
  • SQL tuning process for developers
    SQL principle of performance needed for application developers would be conveyed with B2EN’s consulting know-how and various field examples
  • Data Architecture specialist training process
    With the basic knowledge of enterprise architecture and data quality management which is a knowledge needed for effective data designing of Big Data, we educate one to become data architecture specialist on data modeling, metadata, data base, performance optimization
  • Advanced case based data standardization and quality managing master process
    Suggesting the trend of data quality and data standardization from inside and outside the Korea which becomes a big issue, and educate base on examples for helping company to implement data standardization by itself and helping on constructing quality management process.
Client company
We train IT talent with talent and passion, foster them to be expert
Level Name of education Days Hour Client Company
Advanced Oracle performance upgrading principles and solution process 5D 35h Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd / Samsung SDS Co., Ltd / SK Broadband Co., Ltd / Korea Appraisal Board / Nexon Co. Ltd. / KB data system / IBK annuity insurance / Woo-ri FIS / CJ system / Shinsegae I&C / SsangYong Information & Communications Corp. / Hanjin Information & Communications Corp. / KCB (Korea Credit Bureau) / White Information & Communications Corp. / Korea Internet and Security Agency / and more.
Data Architecture specialist training process 3D 21h
Intermediate Advanced Data modeling process with specialists 3D 21h
Advanced case based data standardization and quality managing master process 2D 14h
Beginning SQL tuning process for developers 3D 21h

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